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Seminars take place (unless otherwise stated)
on THURSDAYS at 17:30 – 19:00 (C.E.T.)
in Room 18.0.A.10 of the UC3M Getafe Campus
and online (links below)


February 2

Bruno Caprettini (University of St. Gallen) “Fighting for Growth: Labor Scarcity and Technological Progress During the British Industrial Revolution”, joint work with Hans-Joachim Voth and Alex Trew

Link to the Zoom Session

February 15 (17:00 h, Classroom 17.2.75)

Max Weber Lecture by Akos Rona-Tas (University of California, San Diego): “Predicting the Future: Art, Algorithms and the New Iron Cage”

(jointly organized by the Department of Social Sciences, the Figuerola Institute of History and Social Sciences and the Carlos III-Juan March Institute)

February 23

Federico Tadei (University of Barcelona) “The Integration of Africa in the Global Economy: Evidence from British West Africa, 1842-1938”, joint work with Nektarios Aslanidis and Oscar Martinez

Link to the Zoom Session

March 16

Melanie Xue (London School of Economics) “Women and Asylums”

Link to the Zoom Session

April 20

Jochen Streb (University of Mannheim) “How the West was Settled. The Location Choice of East German Firms Migrating to West Germany after World War II”, joint work with Alezander Donges

Link to the Zoom Session

May 4

Seven Ağır (Middle East Technical University) “Law, Order, and Firm Dynamics in Turkey: A Historical Perspective”

Link to the Zoom Session

May 25

Hiroaki Matsuura (Shoin University) "Constitutional Social and Environmental Human Rights and Child Health Outcomes in Latin American Countries"

Link to the Zoom Session

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